This Pig And Cat Are Cuddling Together. But The Cutest Thing? Watch Kitty’s Paw!

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Love knows no species. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of stories about two different kinds of animals being best friends. This cheetah and dog grew up together and become the best of friends. Then there is also the real life fox and the hound. And we can’t forget about this dog and pig BFF’s who went missing together and were also found having never left each other’s sides. These friendships are so adorable to see, but dogs aren’t the only animals who have unlikely friendships…

It’s not every day that you see a pig and a cat cuddling under a blanket together. But this cute pair of best friends will have you saying “awwww” the entire time! The 12-year-old pig named Moritz B, and the two-year-old ragdoll cat named Leonardo diCatzio, look so comfy together, and the pig looks like he has a big smile on his face. But the cutest part isn’t that they’re cuddling, it’s what the cat is doing! He’s gently stroking the pig’s face with his paw, over and over again. (Ok, so maybe his human is moving it for him, but it’s still so stinkin’ cute!!)

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