Pet Dog And Pig Went Missing But Never Left Each Other’s Side

Petey the pig and K 2 the dog are the best of friends. Owned by a man named Willie Landry in Seffner, Florida, this unlikely duo did everything together. One day they managed to break free of their backyard and their owner grew worried that they’d never return.


Source: Fox 13

Luckily, they were eventually found, both safe and also by each other’s side, Fox 13 reports.

When the rescuers tried to put the dog into the truck, the pig started squealing. It was clear that the pig didn’t want to be without his furry canine BFF.

fox13 4

Source: Fox 13

Landry says Petey and K 2 grew up together and run and play with each other all day long.

“They’re like my kids. They’re family,” he said. “I’m just glad to have them back home.”

fox13 2

Source: Fox 13

And we couldn’t be happier that Petey and K 2 were found safe and returned to their owner!

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