This Bulldog Doesn’t Like Bath-Time. But When His Owner Does THIS To Lure Him In? I Was On The Floor!

Many dogs love bath time. This Rottweiler can stand in the shower under the running water all day; this Pug loves nothing more than to get hosed off in his bath; and this Golden puppy loves baths so much that he takes them daily all by himself! But this Bulldog is a little different from the prior. He isn’t the biggest fan of bath-time. And it seems as if his human has a hard time even getting him into the bathroom, let alone the bathtub. But his owner figured out a smart and funny way to lure him into the bathroom.

Porkchop the Bulldog is relaxing in his bed when he spots a trail of food. Why let the food go to waste? Of course Porkchop gets up and follows the trail of food, eating it piece by piece as he goes. But what Porkchop doesn’t know is that this is just a sneaky scheme made up by his human to get him to the bathtub. The trail of food leads him right into the bathroom, and he doesn’t even notice until it’s too late. Once Porkchop is in the bathroom, his owner closes the door. Then Porkchop realizes the mistake he made. Woops!

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