This Woman Slides Open The Door To Reveal Her Shower-Loving Rottweiler!

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Showers can be so relaxing. It’s a time when you can be alone with your own thoughts, with the warm, refreshing water running down your face. My mother would always yell at everyone for taking too long in the shower because we were “wasting water.” But can you blame us?? This Rottweiler know exactly what I’m talking about!

Lena the Rottweiler LOVES to take showers! Her owner knocks on the bathroom door, comes inside, and slides opens the shower door to find Lena sitting in the shower under the running water. The water is running all down her body and face as she licks her nose. She’s standing directly under the shower-head and you can tell that she loves being under the water! She moves her head around under the stream of water and has the look of pure serenity on her face. I think it’s safe to say that bath time is her favorite!

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