This Cat Was Buried Alive And Left For Dead…Take A Look At Him One Year Later!

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Bart the cat, nicknamed “Zombie Cat,” was hit by a car and sustained horrible injuries. His owner, Ellis Hutson, found him looking flattened and bloody in the road, and thought he was dead. Him and his friend buried Bart, but five days later, he showed up at his house. It turns out that Bart was never dead and managed to dig himself out of the shallow grave. Hutson took him to the vet clinic at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where he remained. Bart suffered with a broken jaw, and a damaged eye that had to be removed. He has had countless surgeries but has recovered well.


One year later, Bart is doing great and is in a foster home. His foster parents want to adopt him, but there is still an ongoing legal custody battle going on between the Humane Society and Bart’s previous owner. Bart looks almost unrecognizable and seems so happy to be in his new foster home. I’m so glad that Bart is getting all of the love and care that he deserves. What a miracle kitty! You can follow new updates on Bart here.

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