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Dog Rescue Stories: Zizou Was 10 Years Old When She Was Found Wandering the Streets

Zizou was found wandering the streets of Atlanta by animal control.

She was brought to the pound where she was then rescued by Best Friends Atlanta, a no-kill animal shelter. Best Friends Atlanta had to shave her down as her fur was horribly matted. They also had to remove most of her teeth because they were rotten.

They estimated her age at about 10 years old, and she weighed about 7 pounds.

They believed she had belonged to someone, but had been neglected and tossed out (she was house trained, and too small to have lasted on the street for too long).

Zizou lived at Best Friends Atlanta for about three weeks where she got along well with her pen-mates and the children at the summer camp held there. Her Mom then started volunteering at the shelter.

Most dogs get adopted within a week or two at this shelter, but Zizou was a scraggly little thing that was easily overlooked because she was so quiet. However, Zizou’s Mom knew she was special and even took a picture the first time she held her on her lap.

Zizou’s Mom fell in love with her more every time she saw her, and she eventually took the other household members in to meet her, hoping they’d fall in love too. Two days later, Zizou was in her forever home! Everyone in her new home absolutely adores her.

She is so small, cute, and perfect. It is hard to believe she is real sometimes. With lots of love, Zizou has transformed into a completely different dog.

Her new family wonders how they ever lived without her. She now spends her days lounging in the laps of her loved ones, eating Dutch peanut butter, and traveling to South Florida to visit the beach, all while interacting with her instagram followers!

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