When They Saw Him, Their Hearts Sank. He Was So Severely Abused, They Were Unsure If He’d Make It

Zeus, a formerly abused dog, was rescued by AMA Animal Rescue, a non-profit rescue in Brooklyn, New York.

When staff first laid their eyes on Zeus, their hearts sank. His body was so beat up, that it seemed like all hope was lost. He was so weak he could barely move, his entire body shook constantly, and he was petrified of humans.

They took him out of his crate so that they could examine him and begin treatment. He had a mange infection that was so severe, it left dozens of painful open wounds. They also discovered that Zeus had a serious ear infection, and was no longer able to hear.

They shaved off whatever hair he had left, since it was extremely tangled, covered in dead skin and hiding open sores. They gave him several medical baths to help the condition.

AMA staff knew they couldn’t give up on this sweet boy. As the weeks went by, Zeus’ condition got better and better and he began to thrive. He started gaining his strength back, and his wounds began to heal. And as his body healed, so did his spirit.

A young couple heard his story and agreed to foster him. Not long after, they decided to adopt him! He became the love of their life and the joy of their hearts. This little pup who was once neglected and discarded will now be loved unconditionally for the rest of his life!

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