Meet Zappa: A Stylish Cat That Wears Super Fashionable Clothes

When you think Instagram influencers your mind probably jumps to the pretty women trying to sell you the vibrantly colored gummies that are supposed to be good for your hair. But there are also another, very popular kind of influencer on Instagram: the pet-fluencer. Chances are, if we’re on social media we’re following at least one pet-fluencer. But realistically, it’s probably a few. Pet-fluencers are the best because there’re so cute! And if you’re not following Zappa the Cat, you’re seriously missing out!

Cats are naturally very chic. They carry themselves with an air of grace, and coupled with expressions that constantly look like they’re over everything, it’s easy to see why they make themselves look to effortlessly elegant all the time. Zappa, a feline from the Netherlands, is certainly the chicest of them all.

This high-end kitty is constantly posting the results of photoshoots that feature labels such as Chanel, Supreme, and Gucci. Zappa has a “mommager” as her owner, Lana Vermeegan, who runs the cat’s social media profile for her. The fashion-forward feline has an impressive 118k followers, and we can see why. She just oozes elegance and style.

Check out some of her pictures below. They’re very Vogue-worthy:

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