This Young Penguin Refuses To Leave His Parent’s Pouch, Despite Being Too Big!

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There comes a point in our lives when it’s time to move out of our parent’s house. Some people can’t wait to move out, while others want to stay at home for as long as they’re parents will allow it. Everyone’s time is different, but it happens soon or later. For this little penguin, he’d rather it be later. Snow Chick, a little penguin who is not yet an adult but isn’t a baby anymore, is having a hard time accepting the fact that his time has come to “move out” of his parent’s pouch.

Penguins stay in their parents’ pouches to keep warm after hatching, but despite being way too big to fit, this little guy refuses to leave. Watch as Snow Chick burrows under his father, trying to relive his younger days. His father allows it, but has a hard time walking while his kid is refusing to leave. In the video you can see all the other baby penguins fit perfectly under their parents, but Snow Chick sticks out like a sore thumb!

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