You’ll Be Amazed By What This Incredible, Perseverant Puppy Does!!!

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You’ve never seen a puppy video quite like this one before. Grab the tissues and get ready to witness the most inspirational story ever!! Little, lovable pup, Mick, was born with “swimmer puppy syndrome,” which means he was born with his legs sprawled out on both sides leaving him unable to walk. Puppies born with this disability tend to be abandoned or put down because people aren’t sure how to treat or care for them.

The Mia Foundation, however, thought that lil’ Mick just needed some TLC and a bit of therapy to get his paws back where they belong. Watch as they tell Mick’s story through adorable pictures and inspiring clips that capture the adorable canine’s fight and perseverant story! When the second clip of him swimming in the tub came up… I pretty much lost it! And the Rocky anthem playing in the background at 3:10?! Couldn’t have picked a better, more fitting song! What an incredible story with an important message!

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