This Yorkie Found The Perfect Place To Relax…And He’s NOT Moving!

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I don’t know about you, but my dog’s bed is probably more comfortable than my own. Every night he gets to sleep on his memory foam doggy bed, equipped with a little pillow and an extremely soft blanket. He sleeps in luxury! But not all dogs are high maintenance. This teacup Yorkie, named Chewie, for example, doesn’t need a bed at all. In fact, He found a place that he finds to be much more comfortable to relax!

Chewie was curious and decided to check out the inside of a lunch box. He sat inside of it, and upon checking it out, he decided that it’s actually very cozy and relaxing! His owners keep telling him it’s time for bed, and try to lift him out of it, but he refuses. He lies back down and stands his ground. They try many more times but are unsuccessful. They finally take him out and place him down on the counter, and he immediately runs and hops right back into the lunch box! Chewie is so adorable in his little bag!

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