Dog Went Missing While On A Walk. A Year Later, A Twist Of Fate Reunited Him With His Mom

Yogi Bob, a five-pound terrier mix, disappeared in East Hampton, New York, after he got off his leash more than a year ago in January 2016. His owner, Dominique Garstin, searched high and low for him, but to no avail.

The person who was walking Yogi Bob when he ran off was Garstin’s father, Michael. He was walking Yogi, along with their two bigger dogs. Of course he felt extremely guilty, and did everything he could to help the search.

The past 15 months have been the worst of Garstin’s life. But after many sleepless nights, Garstin can finally exhale.

Two weeks ago, 75 miles away from where Yogi wandered off, he ended up at the Town of Hempstead animal shelter.

Christie Fanti, a worker at the shelter, was evaluating Yogi and thought he looked familiar. That’s because Fanti used to work at the East Hampton shelter when Yogi went missing a year prior, and knew all about him. Once she put two and two together, she called up Garstin.

Garstin rushed to the shelter to reunite with her furry best friend. The two of them were overjoyed to finally see each other again.

From now on, Garstin says Yogi will ‘have a very leashed and collared life..

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