Lovely Bird Always Tags Along with Mom and Even Joins Her For Yoga

Having someone that loves to accompany you surely feels nice and makes you look forward to another day with them. You always anticipate having fun even when you’re all just doing the simplest things. They could complete your day and make it special with just their presence. That someone could also be an animal that has improved your life since you adopted them. Your house feels homier when they’re around, especially when you get showered with unconditional love. Moreover, animals can effortlessly make you laugh with their quirks and exceptional personality. They’re the best companion you could ever ask for, and they’ll never make you feel alone.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Bella’s life proves how easy it is to be happy when accompanied by her animal friends, who are cockatiels. Her first feathered friend was Clementine, who was known as the yoga bird. During an invigorating yoga session, Clementine suddenly perched on Bella’s head and remained until the workout was done. “I think she just likes the relaxing ride. She feels like a human sometimes, just with how much she wants to interact with me,” Bella shared. They both love doing things together, which has strengthened their bond. Clementine was like Bella’s child — the cockatiel is definitely one clingy baby bird.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“I used to just carry her around with me in a backpack. It has a perch in it, and it has some ventilation. I would test how much she liked being outside,” the bird mom explained. “She wouldn’t chirp, she wouldn’t be flapping around upset or anything. So we transitioned to going on short works with a harness, and then to actual hiking locations.” That’s when they realized that Clementine prefers nature walks, as she feels closer to other birds. It was an excellent idea to allow a domesticated cockatiel to experience nature once more, even for a short while. Each hiking trip is an unforgettable memory for Clementine and Bella and is also therapeutic to bask in nature’s beauty.

To add happiness to Clementine’s life, Bella decided to adopt another cockatiel, which she named Tangerine. Unlike her first bird, Bella had difficulty connecting with Tangerine during his first few days at home. It was due to the fact that he didn’t have any human interaction before he was found. “He was super angry and angsty. But he definitely loves his sister. Clementine has helped him to trust humans because she loves humans so much. He’s still a little unsure, but he’s warmed up to us so much,” Bella lovingly shared. Ever since she adopted her feathered friends, Bella realized a lot of things about birds. You can witness her experiences as a bird mom in the video below or follow them on their Instagram page.

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