Yoda Loves Me: A Rescue Story

Most people’s bumper stickers pledge allegiance to their favorite political party or boast their child’s honor roll status. Mine, on the other hand, simply reads “Yoda Loves Me.” 

People see this and get a chuckle out of it. They assume I’m a major Star Wars fan. While that job is reserved for my husband, the truth is I randomly stumbled upon this simple black and white bumper sticker just like my little guy stumbled into my life almost ten years ago. If you haven’t figured it out by now, his name is Yoda and he is a thirteen pound Boston Terrier, Pug, and Chihuahua mix. He is quite the eclectic combination and he has the personality to match.

Sadly, like many dogs we hear about today, he was abandoned and pushed out the window of a vehicle onto a very busy street. Luckily, this happened right outside of the vet’s office where I had been working. He is a very curious dog and could have easily walked right into traffic. However, someone found him and brought him into the office just as my shift was about to end. We didn’t want this healthy dog to stay overnight in the hospital, so I decided to bring him home with me and call around to local vets and animal shelters to see if anyone had reported him missing.

On the ride home, this cute little guy fell asleep on my leg, and I had an inkling that we may belong to each other at this point. I did call around and left my phone number and Yoda’s description at a ton of places, and tried to tell myself not to fall in love with this adorable little guy. However, that proved to be so difficult! Like most Chihuahuas, he likes to snuggle under blankets and cuddle right up to me. Who couldn’t feel an immediate loving connection with such a sweet dog?

To make a long story short, I never got any calls from anyone looking for a lost dog meeting his description. I think fate brought Yoda into my life when I needed him the most. We still have this incredible bond that I could never have imagined I would share with a dog. I certainly loved my dogs that I had prior to Yoda, but this was very different.

I would love to hear stories from our readers about how their rescue dogs came into their lives. While I’m thinking of it, if anyone sees a bumper sticker out there that says “I Love Yoda” would you let me know? I feel it’s only fair I let the world know that the feeling is mutual!

Juliet Carty Greene is the proud pet Mommy of Yoda, Wendy, Willow and the proud foster Mom of Batman 1 dog, 3 cats!). She has been happily married for over a year and lives in Salem, MA. Besides writing and expanding her knowledge on dogs, she’s an avid winter-time knitter and all around animal lover.

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