Yikes! Why does my dog urinate in the suitcases of houseguests?

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Dogs often urinate on objects in a home in order to mark their territory. For this reason, a dog may pee in the suitcase of a houseguest in order to mark the suitcase as its property. This is a way to show possession and set territorial boundaries within the home.

Some dogs make more of a habit of marking in the home than others. Many dogs will mark objects such as plants, furniture or rugs by urinating on them. Dogs use their sense of smell to categorize many things in their environment, so when they urinate on household items, they are marking the items with their own scent.

Having a dog mark household items, and in particular a houseguest’s suitcase, can be very annoying to a pet owner. Not only is the habit messy, it is also hard to break. Watch your dog closely whenever anything new is brought into the home, to see if he tries to urinate on the item. Reprimand your dog immediately if he attempts to mark the new item.

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