This Dog Wouldn’t Get Off His Human’s Bed. But When She Said The Magic Word, He Jumped Right Up

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Sometimes when you’re extremely comfortable, you never want to get up in the morning. Especially if it took you a while to get comfy in the first place. This cute yellow lab, named Max, knows exactly what that’s like. He made himself cozy on his human’s bed and doesn’t want to move a muscle.

Credit: Rumble

Credit: Rumble

But the bed is bare and his mom needs to put the sheets back on. No matter how many times she tells him to get up, he just won’t budge. He just lies there on his side, having her words go right from one ear out the other. She even asks him if he’d get off the bed for a treat, and unlike most dogs, he ignores that too! Just when you think he’ll never get up, his human says the magic word: “squirrel!” As soon as she says it, Max jumps right up without hesitation and gets right off the bed. This dog is definitely unpredictable!

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