You Can Now Get Your Dog Look-A-Like Yeezy Boost Sneakers

Regardless of how you feel about the Yeezys, there is no denying that they’re hugely popular shoes – having been declared by Forbes as an official billion-dollar empire. Their humble begins date back to 2015 when Kanye West partnered with the brand Adidas to give life to Yeezys.

Thanks to Fresh Pawz, a website dedicated to being the official streetwear brand for dogs, you can get your pooch a pair of Yeezy-inspired shoes called the Beluga 544 Dog Shoes. They may not be official Yeezys for dogs, but they’re still quite adorable footwear for your pup.

Plus, they’re pretty detail-oriented as they even have bright orange tags on them that say “SPLY 544.” This is in reference to the authentic Adidas Yeezys that the same detailing.

While your pooch might be the most stylish dog at the dog park, these sneakers also provide a function. As the product statement reveals, they offer a layer of protection for your dog’s feet and can be particularly nice during the warm summer months.

Plus, they’re made from environmentally-friendly products. And the Beluga 544 inspired shoes are created out of soft textured material that is breathable as well as stretchy so that your dog has a range of motion while walking and running. Given that summer is upon us, these dog shoes can actually give some protection against the heat of the sidewalks.

All orders come with four sneakers per box. The sizes vary between the standard small, medium, or large choices. The best part is you can get them for only $50. That means you’ll have one pretty cool pup strolling up to the dog park to make all his friends jealous. You can click here to purchase a pair.

What do you think? Would you buy these for your dog? Let us know!

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