This Wounded Dog Was Found Dying On The Streets Of India…When I Saw Her Transformation, My Jaw DROPPED!

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This stray dog was wandering the streets of India with a wound on her neck that was so horrible that it was killing her. The wound was infested with maggots and she wouldn’t have survived another day or two if she wasn’t rescued. Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited, a street animal rescue in India, took in this poor pup and treated her back to great health!

They cleaned out the wound and continued to treat it and take care of it every day. As the days go on, you can see the wound healing and improving. Eventually, it was fully healed and her hair grew back. It’s so great to see her get the love and care that she deserves. I am so glad that Animal Aid Unlimited saved this adorable dog’s life. This is just one of many rescues that they have accomplished. Their hospital and sanctuary are home to more than 4,500 rescued and recovering animals each year. Amazing!

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