Trying To Work Out When Your Dogs Are Around? Anything But Easy!

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Have you ever tried working out at home with your little furbabies around? If you have, then it may have gone a little something like this. And if you haven’t, but plan to, then good luck! This woman is trying to finish her workout and is up to the push-up portion of it, which is usually the easiest part. But her dogs, two Jack Russells and a German Shepherd, make it anything but easy for her!

The German Shepherd walks right in front of her, brushing his body and tail against her head. Then one Jack Russell goes up to her and starts licking her face. Then the other two pups come and follow suit. It looks like the Jack Russells just want to give her kisses, while the German Shepherd really wants to be the center of attention, as he keeps ducking under her arms while she’s trying to do her push-ups. I think her pups definitely think this is some sort of game she’s playing!

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