Giant Dog Still Thinks He’s A Tiny Lap Puppy

Have you ever noticed how dogs often experience a role reversal depending on their size? Like, the little dogs always seem to think that they’re some kind of big, tough guard dog?

They’re usually the ones that will chase you down the street trying to bite your ankles because, in their minds, they’re ten feet tall and 2,000 pounds rather than the pint-sized pooches that they actually are.

Many big dogs, on the other hand, find themselves thinking that they’re much smaller than they actually are.

They will try to sit on your lap as though they’re a teeny, tiny lap dogs. And one whopping big boy, Bok Choy, fits right into this stereotype.

This sweet dog has a heart of gold, and all he wants to do is spend time being as close to his favorite person as possible. Unfortunately, he’s a large boy who weighs in at 150 pounds, so it is not an easy task.

Unluckily for him, he believes himself to be a little boy who can fit into the smallest of places. As a result, there is hilariousness that ensues whenever his owner catches him on camera.

She often gets him in video clips being adorable wherever he goes. But there is no denying how amazing the bond is between dog and owner.

We can’t blame Bok Choy for always wanting to be by his best friend’s side.

Watch the adorable video below:

You can see more of Bokky on Instagram and TikTok.

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