Saved From A Backyard Butcher, Mama Goat And Her Babies Get A Real Chance At Life

Seen on video at just one hour old, two ADORABLE baby goats are alive today thanks to their brave and caring rescuers!

Tova arrived at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary after a dramatic rescue. She was pregnant and severely neglected. She was, sadly, a victim of a backyard butcher. But that was her past life. Now, she would give birth to her babies in a safe and loving environment.


Hallie and Raymond came into this world knowing NOTHING of their tragic past. Isn’t that wonderful? They’re just two happy kids with lots of friends to play with and a mama who takes very good care of them.


What I love most about this video is how these baby goats celebrate life kid-style. Their dancing and jumping are so joyous. Their lives, that would have never been if it weren’t for this wonderful place, are now being lived to the fullest!

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