Woodpecker Flies Onto A Car’s Windowsill, Then Driver Takes Him On A Tour Of Chicago

Whenever I go to a new place that I’ve never been to before, I always enjoy going on tours. It’s a great, fun way to see the whole city and learn so much information about it that you may not have learned otherwise.

But apparently people aren’t the only ones going on tours. This woodpecker got a free guided tour of Chicago when he flew onto a driver’s windowsill and stayed there while the car drove around downtown. The driver filmed the unique occurrence while he pointed out landmarks around the city. He even slowed down his driving at parts so the woodpecker could get a good look during the tour.

At one point, the woodpecker even flew inside the car and perched on the driver’s shoulder! He clearly wasn’t shy at all, but this is very unusual for wild birds to do. He clearly felt very comfortable with the driver. The woodpecker stayed with him for several minutes before flying off back into the sky.

It’s not often that we can even get close enough to a woodpecker to actually see it, let alone get to hang out with one! What an amazing experience that this driver got to have!

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