Heartbroken pleas for woman to dump boyfriend over video with dog

As pet owners, we will often pick a partner based on how they interact with our animals. We want to think that we’re picking someone warm and gentle who will love our pets as unconditionally as we do – even if they get frustrated with our pets.

So, after sharing a video of her boyfriend playing outside with her dog, one TikTok user, @bricksmom, ended up getting her feed flooded with people encouraging her to dump her boyfriend. The video was posted with the caption, “camera’s are a woman’s best friend.”

She followed up her caption by telling others that she had seen her boyfriend outside with her dog and the two of them were playing. Her curiosity was then piqued, so she turned to her home cameras to see how their playtime went.

In the short video, the camera picks up the dog patiently waiting in the yard for the boyfriend to throw a toy for it. That is when the boyfriend tosses a toy onto a garden chair. The audio to the video picks up the boyfriend talking to the pup and calling it a “d**k.” While it might have been joke, the video went on to be viewed more than 3.7 million times within a week – and not every viewer was happy about what they heard.

In fact, there were plenty of people who cautioned the pet owner, saying that it’s a “red flag.” Lots of the video’s viewers were encouraging the woman to leave the boyfriend and dump him, despite the video clip also including pictures of the boyfriend and dog cuddled up together like BFFs.

In response to the people urging her to leave, she did reply in a very sardonic manner that the boyfriend and the dog are “going to be just fine.”

What do you think of the woman’s boyfriend and his actions? How do you feel about all the people who told her to leave? Let us know your thoughts!

Check out the video below:


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