In Texas, A Woman Shot Her Husband For Beating The Family Cat

Dallas Police found themselves dealing with one of their strangest cases in recent memory when a 47-year-old woman fatally shot her husband in defense of the family cat.

The scene unfolded when the confessed shooter, Mary Harrison, decided she could no longer watch her husband’s repeat abuse of the family cat. Mary’s now-deceased husband, Dexter Harrison, allegedly beat the animal so frequently that it finally ran away.

Photo: Dallas County Jail

Photo: Dallas County Jail

Worried sick, Mary plastered their Dallas neighborhood with “missing pet” pictures until a well-meaning neighbor eventually located the animal. Unfortunately, Dexter resumed his abuse as soon as the cat was returned home, which led his frustrated wife to finally shoot him in an effort to stop it. But when Dexter died of his injuries en route to the hospital, Mary was subsequently accused of his murder.

Social media, meanwhile, remains divided over this punishment. Some people accused Mary of overreacting by prioritizing the cat’s life over her husband’s. Others, including animal advocates who set up a Gofundme page to cover Mary’s legal expenses, contend she acted valiantly on behalf of an innocent feline.

Regardless, this isn’t the cat-related shooting to take place in Texas. In 2013, a different woman shot her husband for threatening to throw her cat over the fence. Animal abusers, beware!

See how the story unfolded in the video below!

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