Woman Reunites With Her Dog Almost 3 Years After He Was Stolen From Her House

Losing your pet is one of the worst experiences that can befall a dog owner. If that happens, dog owners will do whatever they can in order to get them back. This usually includes posting flyers, spreading the word on social media, calling the local animal shelter, and spending endless hours combing the streets for any signs of the beloved pooch.

Most of the time dog owners will eventually find their beloved pet after a few hours, days, or weeks of endless searching. Sadly, this isn’t anyways the case for some dog owners. In some cases, the months turn into years and there is no trace of the dog ever again.

For one woman by the TikTok user name Mariah Mayflower, she was on vacation when her beloved dog was stolen from her home during a break-in. She was devastated.

Doing what any dog owner would, she immediately took to social media to raise awareness of her situation and hopefully generate some leads as to the whereabouts of her dog, Hannibal. Mariah even managed to get on TV in an effort to spread the word about Hannibal. Sadly, nothing materialized and the trail went cold.

Eventually, Mariah ended up moving away and she made her way to Tennessee – 600 miles away. After two and a half years, Mariah got a call from a friend back home saying there was a dog that looked very similar to Hannibal listed on a fostering website. Mariah immediately made the trip back in hopes that it could be her missing pup.

Miraculously, it was!

Despite the years that had gone by, the dog was very happy to see his owner. The reunion of Mariah and Hannibal was a very touching one. The two of them were so happy to see one another and the dog could not stop wagging his tail as she embraced him.

Mariah shared the beautiful reunion on her TikTok, writing that it had been a long journey for the two of them, but she was beyond happy to have him back. She described it as a “Christmas miracle.”

Check out the clip below:


It’s been a long road without you, but I’m so happy you’re home ❤️ #chrismasmerical #missing #dog #reunited #fourleggedlove #furbaby #fureverbestfrien

♬ Lean on Me – Graham Blvd

What do you think of their reunion? Does it not just warm your heart? Let us know!

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