Woman Reunites With Her Lost Dog After Her Car Was Stolen

It is always difficult to lose a dog, but at times, the ordeal is especially hard. That is what happened to a pet owner when someone stole her vehicle in Charlotte, NC. As it turns out, her dog, Ruby, was inside.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department was alerted to the theft, but it would be a couple of days before they got the news. Thankfully, the news was good.

“Detectives working this case were able to locate the dog,” a police spokesperson told The Dodo.

After finding Ruby, they went to surprise her human mother.

The reaction was beyond anything we could have hoped for.

You can see it in this video:

Ruby was finally home again.

Ruby’s owner was just happy to know her pooch was back home again. Once it was posted online, the video started to touch hearts and it went viral. After all, her reaction is exactly how many of us feel when we see our dogs.

One thing is for sure, the department knew how important it was to find Ruby:

“Anytime that we, as a department, can assist the community in any type of reunion [it] shows the continued hard work that our officers are doing every day,” the police department said.

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