She Rescued Neglected Ponies. 6 Months Later, She Finally Reunites With Them As Beautiful Horses

Napoleon and Nelly are two ponies who owe their lives to the generosity of one woman. Known only as Rachel, Little Things reports that she found the two ponies after they had been dumped on the side of the road by their owner. Both of the animals were in failing health and Rachel knew if she didn’t do something about it, they would inevitably die.

She immediately alerted the World Horse Welfare hotline about the discovery of the two horses and the organization was able to take them in. Once at the World Horse Welfare facility, Napoleon and Nelly were given intense medical care and were able begin their road to recovery.

Six months later, Rachel was invited to the facility to be reunited with the horses she saved. She was met by two beautiful, happy and healthy ponies and Rachel’s reaction was priceless. Check out the footage below (courtesy of the World Horse Welfare) to see the amazing transformation and the moment Rachel sees the two lives she saved!

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