Woman Quit Her Lucrative Wall Street Job To Rescue Dogs That Nobody Wanted

I think that all of us would agree that it would be a dream to spend all of our time with the furry friends in our life. For most people, however, it will remain a dream, but that isn’t the case with Eva Armstrong.

Eva Armstrong had a very lucrative job on Wall Street. As you can imagine, it is easy to get addicted to that type of lifestyle. Eva even admits that she had a desire to make a lot of money, so she became a workaholic.

Eva also had a love of animals, but she decided that she would take that love and take it to a new level. In the end, she saw an opportunity and it would allow her to express her love of dogs in a very personal way, and at the same time, continue to keep a roof over her head.

It really started when Eva realized that she was not as passionate about her job as she once was. She still enjoyed the work and the income, but it was not her true calling. After deciding that life on Wall Street was not for her, she opened Eva’s Play Pups and her life hasn’t been the same since.

Eva’s Play Pups can be found in northeastern Pennsylvania on a beautiful, 52-acre farm. The mountains provide a fantastic backdrop for such a wonderful venture. Dogs are welcome on the farm for daycare, boarding, and rescue dogs are welcome to spend time there to heal.

About four times a week, Eva brings dogs from Brooklyn. If they are a rescue dog, they can come to Eva’s Play Pups and enjoy life in happy surroundings. Those dogs can swim, run freely, and play to their heart’s content. Once the dogs are on the farm, they can leave behind life at the shelter and get a fresh start.

Although Eva is doing a lot of good when she helps those shelter dogs, she still gets emotional over the dogs that she wasn’t able to save. Her lifestyle change was profound, but she is very happy with the way things are now. When you look at the dogs at her rescue, you can see that they are happy as well.

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