Woman Quits Her Job And Spends 57 Days Trying To Find Her Lost Dog

What would you do if you lost your beloved pet? Would you quit your job? That is exactly what a woman in Washington did when she lost her beloved border collie, Katie. The woman quit her job as a postal carrier in order to spend 57 days searching with her husband to find Katie. Thankfully, she and her husband found Katie in a small town in another state, thanks to the help of a community of strangers.

Carole and Verne King had taken a trip to Montana with Katie in July, and it was there that Katie managed to escape from the hotel room. While Katie likes people, she also has a skittish side and found herself lost close to the wide-open space of Glacier National Park. The Kings knew they had a challenge ahead finding her.

KCRA-TV reported that the Kings took to social media as well as posted hundreds of flyers around the small town of Kalispell. They tirelessly took phone calls and both drove and walked for miles calling Katie’s name.

Katie was finally spotted by Carole nearly a week ago in a tree’s shade after a group of strangers pointed her out.

Carole told the Daily Inter Lake newspaper, “I just bear-hugged her. People are stopping in their vehicles, getting out and hugging us. I think the whole neighborhood knew that we found her.”

Carol said that when she took Katie to the vet, “the doctor walked up to her and she said, ‘Is this the famous Katie?’ And my eyes welled up with tears. That touched me.”

During the time that she was lost, Katie had gone down 12 pounds. She was also severely dehydrated and on the brink of starvation. Thankfully, she’s expected to make a full recovery.

“I never gave up. I never lost hope,” Carole said to the newspaper. “I think what I got out of this was the kindness of strangers.”

And what a remarkable owner for quitting her job and continuing the search for that long. Katie is a very lucky doggie to have Carole as a dog mama.

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