This Woman Has To Leave For Work… Now Keep Your Eye On The Dog To The Left!

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It’s time for this woman to leave for work. And as much as I’m sure she doesn’t want to leave, there are two others who don’t want her to leave even more. Kids usually never want their parents to leave. Especially if they’ll be gone for a long period of time. I know when I was little, I hated when my mom had to leave in the morning for work. This woman’s kids didn’t want her to leave either. And by kids I mean her dogs. Yes, they can be kids too! In fact, I think most dog owners refer to their pups as their children!!

Watch these dogs’ reactions when their human mom tries to leave for work. One is barking at her the whole time while the other one is hanging onto her jacket for dear life. She has a good grip of the back of her mom’s jacket in her mouth and doesn’t let it go, even while her human keeps walking. While that pup is tugging on her jacket, the other pup jumps up on her to try and stop her but is unsuccessful. Then when she opens the door, she jumps onto the door to try and close it. These pups must really love their mama! I bet she has to go through this every single morning when she tries to leave!

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