Woman Reunites With Missing Dog 8 Years After She Thought It Died

Hope is a very powerful thing. It is the driving force that keeps us going when things are tough. But sometimes, we lose hope along the way. When Magdalena Klubczuk came home from work one day, she discovered that her dog, Roxy, had escaped through an improperly closed door.

Magdalena, who is from Connah’s Quay in North Wales, searched for her beloved dog. She was hopeful that she’d be found since Roxy wore both a collar with her owner’s contact information, as well as having been microchipped.

Magdalena spent weeks looking for Roxy and doing everything in her power that she could to find her. She checked in with her local shelter as well as vet hospitals in her area. Sadly, it soon became apparent that she wasn’t going to be finding Roxy. Magdalena eventually gave up hope that she’d find Roxy, accepting that her dog was permanently lost.

At the time of her disappearance, Roxy was a three-year-old Shih Tzu. But nearly eight years later, on New Year’s Eve of 2020, the now ten-year-old Roxy re-emerged. She was spotted roaming the streets in North Wales, eventually being caught and taken into the care of Skylor’s Animal Rescue. The manager, Dawn Taylor, scanned Roxy for a microchip.

That is when Magdalena’s information came up and Dawn was able to reach out to the owner. Given the fact that Roxy had been gone for seven years and eight months, it came as quite the shock. According to the Daily Post, the dog owner didn’t believe the good news at first.

As the Daily Post reported, Magdalena explained that she was very surprised. She couldn’t even speak at first as she processed the information about Roxy’s discovery. Magdalena stated, “We’ve spent all these years thinking she was dead. I was just in total disbelief. I actually told her it wasn’t possible because my dog was next to me on the sofa, then I realized she was talking about Roxy!”

Eventually, Magdalena and Roxy had their long-overdue and emotionally-charged reunion shortly after the phone call. Magdalena was touched that Roxy instantly recognized her and remembered her. While Roxy seemed to be in fairly decent condition when she returned, Dawn did find a mammary tumor, so Magdalena is planning to take her to the vet.

The Skylor’s Animal Rescue posted about Roxy’s story to their Facebook page, sharing with their followers that they want to help Magdalena raise funds for Roxy’s vet care. The post further cited Roxy’s ordeal as an important reminder that everyone should microchip their pets and keep their information regularly updated.

Roxy might have been reunited with Magdalena, proving that 2021 for this pair is off to a good start, but she’s temporarily staying with a friend of the family so that Magdalena can safely introduce Roxy to her other dog: a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Hopefully Roxy and Magdalena don’t have to wait too long to get back together under one roof.

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