Woman Spends Thousands On Treating ‘Stinky Dog Farts’ Only To Learn It Was Her Husband

I think all of us who own dogs have been there. We are enjoying a quiet moment when suddenly, the smell of a fart drifts by. For many dog owners, it is more than a passing problem (forgive the pun), it sticks in the nose and can really turn your stomach.

It seems as if a woman was experiencing something similar but the story continued to unravel, long after the first stinky offense drifted her way. She was so distraught over the situation that she decided to go on Reddit and share it with the world.

The post started with the unnamed woman talking about the problem, which had started about a month earlier. By the time it was over, she was fuming after wasting thousands of dollars on a treatment that was unnecessary. After all, her husband was to blame. Here’s what happened.

She started talking about the disgusting event, which was made worse because she was pregnant and her sense of smell was “a little sensitive.” The stench even got her husband to respond, so she knew it was indeed offensive.

The woman had to vacate the area, and later, while she and her husband were in bed, he told her that the dog had farted. It would have ended there and she would have just said that the fart was a one-time affair but they just kept happening.

In an effort to get past the stench, which seemed to happen at random times, she would do everything that she could. She lit candles and burned incense but nothing was putting a dent in the offensive odor.

Of course, she thought the dog was to blame and when she had enough, she decided to take him to the vet. In her words: “A fart this stinky isn’t normal.” Her husband was still as silent as the silent farts that had been ruining her life.

At first, her vet recommended a change of diet but it didn’t help. She took things further and the vet ordered a number of tests that were quite expensive. All the while, her husband said nothing. By this point, she thought she was “losing her mind.”

After five weeks had passed and she had a “full on meltdown” her husband finally decided to confess his sin. She had smelt it, but he had dealt it.

The confession did not help the meltdown much. In fact, she said: “Y’all, I lost it. I kicked him out of the house. He went to stay with his friends.”

She has a lot of friends on her side, even her husband’s mother sided with her. After all, he knew what was going on and he knew how stressed-out she was over the issue. He had even gone on some of the vet appointments with her!

She laments: “It takes him a full on panic attack and mental breakdown to say the truth? His mother, who normally thinks the sun shines out his a*s is on my side as well. She called him, in no uncertain terms, an idiot.”

In the end, her husband is in the dog house, with a wife that is demanding that he cover the vet fees and a doctor that is recommending a change in diet.

Life is funny, isn’t it?

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