Woman Learns The Hard Way That Cutting Your Dog’s Hair Is Not Easy

Dog groomers have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and many of those locations are now shut down temporarily. In turn, this affected Mash, a Pomeranian who used to have her hair cut regularly. Now that her owner was flexing her haircutting skills, it seems as if she has been affected even worse.

Hermione from Sydney, Australia, is the owner who shared pictures of her dog grooming efforts on Instagram. It includes a before and after picture of Mash.

The pictures were captioned: “Take it from Mash and wait until the professionals are back.”

One look at the after picture and you can see that Mesh is certainly not impressed with what happened.


“Mash usually has a professional groom every few weeks to keep him looking smart,” Hermione told UNILAD. “He’s had various hairstyles throughout the years!”

I don’t think the dog was quite prepared for the grooming he would receive. The owner did it with a lot of love in her heart, but it didn’t exactly land.

A number of comments came in on the picture, some of those expressing condolences for the botched grooming process. There are also plenty of those who were laughing at what they saw.

One person said, “Oh no. No no no. This is a horror movie unfolding before my eyes!” While another said it was “incredible.”

Another commenter compared Mash to the Easter Bunny and claimed that they just couldn’t unsee what they saw. It doesn’t matter if the haircut is bad or not, Mash is still adorable!

Hermione would also like to pass along some advice to other dog owners who are thinking of doing the same thing. She said: “Take it from Mash and wait! Please let it grow out because, as we’ve learned, ‘au naturel’ is the only way to go during lockdown.”

There are plenty of isolation haircuts going on these days, including girlfriends that are trying to give their boyfriend a nice trim. It doesn’t always look quite as we would expect it to look.

Now that the governments are extending the lockdown in some parts of the world, we might have more haircuts to laugh about. I guess we could all use a good laugh these days!

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