After Leaving A Bad Marriage, She Now Spends Her Time Doing THIS For 400 Stray Dogs…Unbelievable!

India’s stray dog population is enormous, and this woman, Pratima Devi, is trying to do something to help. Devi, who is 65 years old, left a bad marriage and now spends all of her time caring for nearly 400 stray dogs in New Delhi.


An 18-year-old boy helps her take care of the dogs. They feed them rice, meat, and milk three times a day, bathe them, and treat their injuries. They also make sure all of the dogs get proper vaccinations.


“These dogs are like my own children,” Devi told Barcroft. “I bring them home and take care of them. Some of them have been abandoned by owners or have been in road accidents. They are alive with me.”


She worries no one will be there to care for the dogs once she is gone. “I don’t know whether there will be anyone after me taking care of them. The way I feed them, take care of them, after me who will take care of them, no one can take that place. If I am not with the dogs at night, they won’t sleep without me. They won’t eat anything without me. Taking care of dogs is my religion.”

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