Woman Builds A Bedroom For Her Cats With Miniature ‘Human’ Beds

Cats are the rulers of our homes. They get everything that they want. And as cat owners, we are only happy to spoil them rotten. It seems that one cat owner has created quite the adorable set up for her two precious felines.

On Twitter, one woman decided that she’d share her crafty idea after she created “bedrooms” for her two cats. And the results were nothing short of cute.

Using two IKEA doll beds, Maud Feijt ended up creating the perfect sleeping sanctuary for her two pets, Prim and Pippa.

And it looks like the two felines love their new room. The people of Twitter certainly did as well. After sharing the photos to her social media, Maud’s tweet went viral, gaining over 500,000 likes and counting, as well as being retweeted more than 81,000 times.

Maud’s original tweet was a little update for her followers in which she shared that her cats were getting their own room. She later included an update, sharing that Prim seemed to enjoy the new bed and managed to sleep the entire night through on it. However, Pippa remained unsure of what to make of the setup.

Regarding the tweet that put her cats on the map, Maud made the joke that she’d wish people would stop liking or retweeting as she was worried her cats would become even more “arrogant” if they knew they’d achieved internet notoriety.

As adorable as Maud’s post was, it also got a conversation going amongst other pet owners who had done similar setups for their own pets. One person shared a photo of their own, explaining that they bought the same exact beds for their pets.

And another person chimed in saying that “We have the Ikea cat bed set up too… one in each window… I was convinced that, in typical cat fashion, they wouldn’t actually sleep on them but they are never out of them!”

It seems unanimous that these doll beds are quite popular amongst a feline clientele…who’d have guessed? Do you have these beds for your cats? Are you thinking of trying them out? Let us know!

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