A Wolf Made Friends With A Veteran… When I Heard Their Story, I Couldn’t Believe It!

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It is well-known that dogs help veterans cope with PTSD and give them the company that they need to improve their lives post-war. But dogs aren’t the only animals who help them. Believe it or not, their canine cousins, wolves, have been helping out as well!

The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in California started the Warriors and Wolves program which pair rescued wolves with veterans in need. The wolves didn’t have easy lives either, as they’re suffering from trauma from being formerly abused. The veterans spend time with these wolf-dogs and they help each other heal! The center has 40 animals, made up of wolves and “wolfdogs,” a mix of a dog and a wolf. These veterans and their wolf companions form the strongest, most special bonds, and it’s so beautiful to see!

“The wolves know if you’re injured or if something’s wrong with you, and they have the trauma, and we had some type of trauma in life so we get that connection,” Jesse Martinez, a veteran and volunteer at the center, said in the video.

Watch the video about this awesome program below!

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