This Puppy Just Got Home From The Vet, So His Kitty Brother Decided To Help Cheer Him Up

Sometimes times can get rough, and we just need a friend to help cheer us up. I know whenever I am upset, hanging out with friends always helps me feel better. Even my dogs know how to put a smile on my face!

This adorable little puppy, named Zeke, went to the vet when he broke out in hives from a grass allergy. He received steroids and Benadryl shots to help them go away, but he was feeling sore in the meantime.

As soon as he got home, he laid down on the couch to rest and fell asleep. While he was napping, his kitty best friend, named Winston, decided it was a good opportunity to help his doggy brother out. He wanted to help him feel better, so he laid next to him and started giving him licks and kisses. Then he plopped on top of him and cuddled up with him to take a nap. I’m sure Zeke felt much better after being comforted by his kitty friend! This is too cute!

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