Winston The Tegu Is Super Cuddly!

There are cat people, there are dog people, and then there are lizard people.

No, not those lizard people. Lizard people like Sarah Curry, who didn’t expect Winston, her Argentine Black and White Tegu, to become her best friend.

Winston was dropped off in a box in front of a Michigan zoo after his previous family found they didn’t know how to care for him. The zoo cared for Winston until it had to shut down. And that’s when Sarah adopted him.

Sarah takes pet ownership very seriously. She researched how to properly care for a tegu for eight months before taking Winston home. She learned what he would need for a comfortable habitat and what his nutrition needs would be. Now the two of them often have breakfast together—their favorite is scrambled eggs.

Winston wasn’t a cuddler right away, and Sarah didn’t expect him to be. After all, lizards aren’t affectionate, right? Sarah just sat near his enclosure for the first week without touching him so he could get comfortable with her. And Winston finally did get comfortable with Sarah. He got really, really comfortable.

Winston will leave his heat source to crawl onto Sarah’s lap. He loves being as close to her as possible. He’ll get close to her face and expand his giant cheeks cheerfully. He comes when called and is happy to go out for a walk on a leash.

With Winston by her side, Sarah had the confidence to do what she always wanted to do with her life: start working with animals. She became a reptile educator and now she and Winston show thousands of people how amazing reptiles are and how to care for them.

“When you think of cold-blooded you think cold-hearted. But he’s far from cold-hearted,” Sarah says.

Check out Winston and Sarah’s amazing relationship below!

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