Bring Your Favorite Four-Legged Friend To Happy Hour With This New Wine Made Just For Dogs

Next time you want to enjoy a cocktail or two, you won’t have to leave out your most loyal best friend. Apollo Peak specializes in creating a wine just for dogs. No worries, this concoction doesn’t contain alcohol or grapes (two ingredients that can be harmful to dogs). Instead, the “wine” is made with calming ingredients, such as chamomile and brewed peppermint. The wine color comes from a safe addition of beet juice.

Of course, you should always get approval from your veterinarian before introducing stuff like this to your pooch. But, the company says their ZinfanTAIL and CharDOGnay are the perfect treat for your dog. A small bowl can be the perfect calming treat to wind down from a long day of frisbee and chasing birds.


The Denver-based company says its products were inspired by their love of animals and wine. They first started by producing a wine for cats. Made with catnip, the effects are stimulating, while the dog version is more calming due to the chamomile.

Some pet owners were a bit fearful of giving chamomile to their dog. In fact, the ASPCA once stated to avoid this ingredient. However, the company promises that the occasional dose of chamomile has no harmful effects.

dog wine1

Drinking with your pet isn’t exactly a new concept. There is already cat wine and dog beer on the market, so this is just adding to the niche. What do you think about this new “wine”?

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