Win Free Stuff in doggywoof Caption Contest!

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Stephanie S. sent us this adorable photo of her pup, Chloe, after she received her special delivery of Mystery Loot. Stephanie was away when the packaged was delivered and Chloe decided she couldn’t wait any longer! This little pooch decided to help herself to a delicious Spiral Bully Chew.

The doggyloot team loved this photo so much that we decided we wanted to create a contest around it!

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2.  Think of your funniest caption for the photo above.

3.  Submit your your caption using the comment box at the bottom of the post where it says “Leave a reply.” Enter your name, email address (so we can contact you if you win) and caption in the “Comment” box. Then click “Post Comment.”

4.  That’s it! If we pick your hilarious caption as the winner, we will contact you and you’ll receive one pack of 10 low-odor Bully Sticks and One Holiday Long Body Squeaker Mat from Kyjen.

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