Blind Man Fell Onto Tracks As Subway Was Headed Toward Him, Then His Guide Dog Saved His Life

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Cecil Williams, a 60-year-old blind man, fell from a train platform and onto the tracks early one morning. He was waiting for a train to visit the doctor when he began to feel ill and fainted. His black lab guide dog, Orlando, tried his best to keep Williams on the platform, but was not able to.

Orlando immediately jumped onto the tracks beside him, frantically barking and licking him to try and get him up. At the same time, an express train was headed right for them. Thanks to Orlando’s licking, Williams woke up and was then alerted by a transportation worker to keep his head down. One and a half train cars passed over Williams and Orlando, and thankfully, neither of them were harmed.

Williams has been blind since 1995 and has had Orlando has his guide dog for eight years. Sadly, he faced losing Orlando, because his insurance would stop covering it. The community banded together and was able to raise enough money for Williams to keep Orlando, except this time, as a pet. He then got another guide dog to help him, while Orlando could live out his days relaxing and getting spoiled.

“He’s [Orlando] done work for eight straight years, taking me through New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and everywhere, so for him it’s time to retire,” Williams said.

Listen to the full story in the video below:

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Watch Williams speak about the donations he received to help him keep Orlando in the video below:

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