Will the noise of the automatic pet fountain bother my cat?

Yes, sometimes cats just don’t like the sound of running water, so the easiest thing is to ask your pet store expert about models with submersible pumps. Also, the motors of some fountains can be noisy. Put the fountain on a rug, mat or carpeting to muffle the sound. The motor will also be quieter if it’s clear of cat hair and other debris.

You do, however, also need to know the different types of cat drinking fountains so you can select the best kind for your pet. There are gravity fountains, bubblers and ones with charcoal filter systems.
The gravity water dispensers operate by the same concept as the office water cooler. A water tank is turned upside down and continually refills the bowl as water is consumed. Many think that since the gravity types don’t have motors. They’ll be quieter. Nothing is further from the truth! The gravity type tends to be noisy and makes a “blub blub” sound like the office water cooler. They’re also very messy, there is almost no way to avoid spilling it when you refill or even need to bring it to another room. You really need some great fine motor skills to quickly get it back into position before you have a pond of water on the floor
The “bubblers” have an air pump that continually oxygenates the water. The bubblers can actually scare some pets and cats can get spooked very easily. If you have a particularly timid animal, this type of cat drinking fountain may not be the right choice for you. Additionally, they don’t actually filter the water. They are, however, much easier to clean than the filtering systems.
Some of models with charcoal filters will start to make whirring and moaning noises when water levels get low. They can also be hard to clean because, despite rinsing and rinsing, charcoal always seems to make its way back. It’s also a little pricey, because you’ll need to keep replacing those filters.
It really comes down to your pet’s personality; you’ll know if she scares easily or takes things in stride, and that will help you decide.

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