Will a Senior Dog Enjoy Watching TV?

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If watching TV is equivalent to family time, then your senior dog will most likely enjoy it. Even if you have to wake the dog to join you and it sleeps through it, it’s still quality time to spend with your canine, which helps to solidify your bond with one another.

Cuddle on the couch or somewhere both you and the dog are comfortable. Be prepared for potty and water intermissions, and if your dog is older, be careful it doesn’t decide to go on the couch rather than disturb you for a break.

A precaution for older dogs and TV watching, or book reading or any couch or bed activity is to be sure that wherever you are, your dog can’t fall from the elevated location. Take the dog with you to get a drink or go to the bathroom if you think it might hurt itself jumping down to follow you. Dog stairs leading to the couch or bed might be a good investment.

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