Will a Senior Dog Enjoy Walks?

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While a senior dog won’t necessarily appreciate being woken up for a walk or dragged out in the rain or snow, in general, walks are a wonderful thing for a canine, no matter how old. It’s a change of pace in your dog’s day and a chance for them to be in their element. Even for a primarily inside dog, the outdoors remains a very special place. It’s an environment with intriguing smells, other dogs, interesting objects and stimulation. Additionally, there’s plenty of grass for your dog to roll around in.

A walk doesn’t have to be too long or far. Do watch your dog for signs of fatigue which may include heavy breathing, abrupt slowing of pace, lying down in the grass or refusing to move. Be willing to take breaks as often as they are necessary. These breaks can be a nice time for you and your dog to relax and enjoy each one another, as well as nature.

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