This Wild Boar Was Stranded On A Frozen Lake With Nowhere To Go. Watch How He’s Rescued!

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This wild boar wound up being stuck in the middle of a frozen lake in Sweden, just south of Stockholm. Since it was so icy, he was unable to stand up to walk anywhere because he kept slipping. He was trying to escape from a small island in the middle of the lake where he eventually would have ran out of food. Apparently there were four of these boars, but the footage captures one of them.

Luckily, a group of ice skaters were out curling on the lake when they noticed the exhausted and helpless boar struggling to move. They used their curling brooms to push this boar across the ice and onto land, where he climbed up onto grass. Thank god for this generous group of skaters; if it weren’t for them, this wild boar most likely would have died out there!

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