Why should your dog’s claws be trimmed regularly?

A dog’s nails are an important part of his or her paw. Nails help a dog to grip objects like toys and bones, dig in soft surfaces like sand or dirt, gain traction when running, and help protect a dog against predators during fights. Because a dog relies on his claws so regularly, keeping a dog’s claws trimmed is a very important part of being a dog owner.

Many dog owners dread trimming a dog’s nails because dogs generally don’t like having their nails trimmed. You can either trim your dog’s nails on your own, or have a dog groomer or your veterinarian trim your dog’s nails.

If left untrimmed, a dog’s nails will keep growing and can cause a variety of problems. First of all, long nails can be very uncomfortable for a dog because they make walking painful. Nails left untrimmed can also cause soreness in a dog’s paws, and contribute to arthritis because a dog will not be walking properly.

Long nails can also break easily, causing pain and bleeding. A dog’s claws need to be trimmed regularly so that they are short and somewhat blunt. Dogs walk on their nails, like horses, and therefore need properly maintained nails in order to walk properly and reduce strain on other parts of the leg and back. Overweight dogs will find it particularly hard to walk on long nails.

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