Why should you not use a human nail clipper on your dog?

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You should never use a human nail clipper on your dog because human nail clippers are often not powerful enough to cut through thick dog nails. While human nail clippers may work for small dogs with thin, clear nails or puppies, it’s still advisable to use a nail clipper that is specifically designed for dogs instead of a human nail clipper.

Nail clippers for dogs come in a variety of different styles, but with the same purpose of trimming your dog’s nails so that they don’t get too long and cause your dog pain. Long nails can also break easily, alter the way your dog walks, and eventually contribute to arthritis. Clipping a dog’s nails regularly is important for his overall health.

Human nail clippers should not be used because they can easily fracture the dog’s nail, causing pain and splintering in the nail. Cuts to the dog’s nail should be precise and done quickly. A human nail clipper most often times will begin to puncture the nail, but not have enough force to finish the cut. This will just cause pressure on the nail, an uneven cut, and discomfort for the dog.

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