Why should you not use a human nail clipper on your cat?

Many people find using human nail clippers on their cats to be convenient and easy, as it is often an item they already have at home. Others find them to be harder to handle, and they can sometimes be difficult to use if your cat’s nails are very thick. Some pet owners find they might make trimming kitten’s nails easier, because their nails are so small.

Like any nail trimmers, do not use them if they are not sharp and in good working order; they can pinch and even shred the nail if they are dull. Some pet owners find it more intimidating to use human nail clippers, since they do not have the guide that the guillotine-style nail trimmers have. They can also be hard to use if you have arthritis because they are small and harder to hold.

If you are not confident trimming your cat’s nails, you may want to start with specially designed cat nail trimmers, or the guillotine-style trimmers, which can be a bit easier to handle. If you have a new kitten or cat, or this is your first time trimming a cat’s nails, you can make an appointment with your veterinarian or vet technician to have them show you how to trim you cat’s nails safely and securely.

They can also discuss with you the pros and cons of using human nail clippers and show you the different types of trimmers that are available. This will give you the chance to use each and see what works best for you before you purchasing a pair.

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