Why should you give liquid medication with a small healthy treat?

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When we ask our pets to do something or give them a command, it should always be followed with a positive reward when done correctly. The same holds true for administering medication.

The act of administering medication can cause fear and anxiety in our pets, as we are asking them to do something that is out of the norm. It is an act that may require additional restraint, and it may taste unpleasant. If we do not follow this stressful event with something positive, our pets are sure to be more difficult to medicate the next time, due to the anxiety the first experience caused.

Always use a healthy treat that is recommended by your veterinarian, and avoid people food due to the high fat content and spices. Calmly administer your pet’s medication as quickly and safely possible, and immediately follow with the tasty treat. Not only does the treat reward the behavior of allowing you to medicate them, but it will also cover up the taste of the offensive medication. Quickly, your pet will forget about the restraint, the nervousness, and the bad taste, and instead remember the great treat they just consumed, as well as the positive praise for obeying their owner.

By distracting your pet with a positive reward, you can make administering medications a more positive experience for you both.

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