Why should I trim my cat’s nails a bathroom instead of a living room?

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For a stress-free nail trim, it’s best to choose a time when your house is quiet, your cat is relaxed, and there are minimal distractions. If you have never trimmed your cat’s nails before, it might be advisable to use a small, enclosed room such a bathroom.

Using such a room will help prevent your cat from becoming distracted or frightened and attempt to escape. It will also prevent other pets from “helping” or becoming stressed out or frightened if your cat does not react well to the nail trim.

A bathroom counter is good place to put your cat for the nail trim because it allows you more control. If your cat is relaxed and confident, you should be able to gently restrain him by tucking him under your arm on the counter. It is always a good idea to have some help, especially if you are unsure how your cat will react to the process. Tuck him under your arm, a bit like a football, and place your hand under his chest, holding him close to you. Use your free hand to hold his head or scratch him and talk to him while your partner trims the nails.

If you are trimming by yourself, hold the cat on your lap or on a table tucked under your left arm (if you are right-handed). Use your left hand to gently protrude each claw and trim with your right hand. Really squirmy cats may need to be wrapped in a towel or blanket. One paw at a time can be uncovered to trim. If your cat becomes stressed, frightened or aggressive, discontinue trimming the nails and try again at another time.

Some cats simply will not allow you to trim their nails. In this case talk to your veterinarian about safe options.

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